All-In-One Nuts Bundle

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Introducing our All-In-One Nut Bundle - the ultimate selection of delicious and healthy nuts for any snacking occasion. This bundle features a variety of flavors and textures, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Start with our Almonds with Honey - a classic combination of sweet and nutty flavors that will satisfy any sweet tooth. For something a bit more savory, try our Mixed Nuts with Seaweed or Mixed Nuts with Salt & Pepper, both offering a unique twist on traditional nut mixes.


If you're a fan of cashews, our Cashews with Honey Sesame and Cashews with Rock Salt are sure to hit the spot. For those who prefer their cashews in their natural state, we've included a bag of Natural Cashews with Rock Salt, as well as Natural Toasted Coconut Cashews for a tropical twist.


For a creamy and indulgent snack, try our Almonds with Honey Butter - the perfect combination of sweet and salty. And if you're in the mood for something with a bit of a kick, our Lime & Chilli Cashewnuts are sure to satisfy your cravings.


Whether you're snacking on the go or looking for something to munch on while watching your favorite movie, our All-In-One Nut Bundle has got you covered. With a variety of flavors and textures to choose from, this bundle is the perfect way to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds.


Each All-In-One Nuts Bundle includes:

1x Almonds with Honey 100g
1x Mixed Nuts with Seaweed 100g
1x Mixed Nuts with Salt & Pepper 100g
1x Cashews with Honey Sesame 100g
1x Cashews with Rock Salt 100g
1x Natural Cashews with Rock Salt 100g
1x Natural Toasted Coconut Cashews 100g
1x Almonds with Honey Butter 100g
1x Lime & Chilli Cashewnuts 100g


Natural Cashews with Rock Salt

Vietnamese Natural Cashew Nuts, Rock Salt


Cashews with Rock Salt

Vietnamese Cashew nuts, Rock Salt


Cashews with Honey Sesame

Vietnamese Cashew Nuts, Defatted Roasted Cashew Protein Powder, Honey, Coconut Sugar, Sesame, Rock Salt


Cashews with Lime & Chilli

Vietnamese Cashew nuts (94%), salt, sugar, chilli powder (11%), Lime powder (0.9%), Maltodextrin, Natural Lime Flavour


Cashews with Toasted Coconut

Vietnamese Cashew Nuts (77%), Sugar, Toasted Coconut Chips (Coconut,sugar, salt) (4%), Sunflower oil, salt, natural coconut flavour


Almonds with honey

Australian Almonds, Defatted Natural Almond Protein Powder, Honey, Coconut Sugar, Rock Salt


Almonds with Honey Butter

Australian Almonds (76%), Sugar, Salt, Natural Butter Flavour, Honey (0.9%), Unsalted Butter (0.7%), Skimmed milk powder


Mixed Nuts with Seaweed

Australian Almonds, Vietnamese Cashew nuts, Coconut Sugar, Defatted natural Almond  protein powder, seaweed powder, rock salt


Mixed Nuts with Salt and Pepper

Australian Almonds, Vietnamese Cashew Nuts, Coconut Sugar, Pepper Powder, Rock Salt

Sustainable Impact

Cashew farmers in la Grai, Vietnam, used to receive far lower prices for their produce than real market rates.


We set up 4 co-operatives that pay above-average prices to more than 3,400 farmers. We believe in going beyond fair trade.


Co-operative buying agreements allow our farmers to build security and prosperity. We empower cashew farmers to leverage collective bargaining and take more control over their businesses.

All-In-One Nuts Bundle

SGD 43.90


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